By Nanja Pontoppidan

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Nanja Pontoppidan

Foto af  Susan Achong Karker 


by Nanja Pontoppidan b. 1973.


Napondesign is a small independent graphic company founded in 2008, located in Copenhagen, Østerbro, Denmark.

I took my master's degree in graphic design in 2012 from
The Royal Danish Academy of Design. Cand. Design -

visual identity/communication.

2003-07 I took most of the basic courses of the

Media Graphical studio from Julius Thomsens Gade, Cph.

Over the years, I have primarily worked with print/graphics, video production and photography. With assignments and projects within image communication, I have over the years acquired skilled tools within visual communication design. At the same time,

Music and musical contexts have always been part of Napondesign's DNA. Long before Napondesign was created, music and musicality have always been part of the core of my field of interest both as a performer and as a listener. It is a genuine achievement to be allowed to convey images to tones, whether the images are to be created based on pure interpretation and abstraction, or whether the images are to follow a track of more pragmatic documentary. Both parts are interesting if it can be followed up and conveyed creatively musically, which is my greatest interest and most positive challenge.

Based on concrete idioms such as commitment, dialogue, feeling, intuition, problem solving and good professional processing, I always relate to what I think is decisive from a creative and constructive point of departure in my works.

If you need my eyes and my commitment to a project or a specific graphic task, I can be contacted by

email and mobile...