Om videoproduktionen -

Min videoproduktion opstod hånd i hånd med at min fotografering begyndte at blive en væsentlig

del af mit virke. Min kundekreds har i mange forbindelser befundet sig indenfor en cirkel af et live-spillende musisk segment (Jazz & ”rytmisk” musik). Derfor blev det hurtigt naturligt at udvide formidlingen til det levende billede, hvor også lyd favner historiens forløb.


About the videoproduction -

The development of my video productions go in many ways hand in hand with the fact that photography became a crucial part of my work. My clientele has in many ways been within a circle

of a live-playing music segment (Jazz & "rhythmic" music). Therefore, it quickly became natural to

extend the communication to the living image, where sound also embraces the course of the narrative.

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Anna Kruse concert potpourri from "Barndomsträd"

TOTOLIB music video with "Arizonas" 

Søren Bebe Trio with "Home Ward" 1 out of 3 videos (watch the two other videos at my YouTube Channel). 

Gyu Ho with CD release sneak peak from  “Cheong Nori”.

Josefine Cronholm concert at JazzCup Café, Copenhagen. 

Thulla - Merry-go-round: Colony Collapse Disorder